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Chthon is a fictional character, a demonic Elder God in the Marvel Comics Universe. His name derives from chthon, the Greek word for "earth" and "earthly", especially pertaining to earth that was not life giving soil, but dark like that of the grave or the underworld. In some instances, Chthon is portrayed as the Marvel equivalent of the primal Devil of some kind predating that of Judeo-Christian teachings, as his creations, the N'Garai, were driven from Earth by the angel Lucifer before his rebellion against God; and his opposing power, Oshtur, has been hinted to be an angelic being in Marvel Tarot.

During the era in which the first single-celled organism formed on Earth, the Elder God Demiurge achieved consciousness after being formed and coalesced from the Earth's biosphere. As conditions on Earth began to support life, it became aware. Wanting to know itself, the Demiurge split itself into countless aspects, one of which evidently became Chthon. Consequently, Chthon is billions of years old.

The Elder Gods are the forerunners to the modern gods and demons of Earth. Other contemporary demons that would become known as the "Elder Gods" as well are Set, Belathauzer, and Y'Garon. Gaea came into being and was the "Protector of the Emerging Life" that began in the Seas. Oshtur, sister to Gaea and the other Elder Gods, left Earth in search of the mysteries of the universe. Chthon began devoting itself to the study and manipulation of mystical energies, becoming Earth's first master of black magic, even experimenting on his fellow gods.

Set, the "God of the Dead", spawned a number of offspring (e.g., "Sligguth" and "Damballah"). Realizing he could increase his own power by consuming the energy of his fellow demons, Set became the first being on Earth to kill another. By consuming the life energies of a fellow Elder God, Set started down the path to degeneracy. Other Elder Gods quickly began following Set's example, killing each other for more power. The more they consumed, the more they hungered for power. With more power, the hunger became insatiable. Many became corrupt and began warring to satisfy the thirst for power; the victor feeding off the other. After millions of years, all the Elder Gods, except for Gaea and Oshtur, had degenerated to less than their Godhood, becoming evil.

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