Faust (John Jaspers)

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Faust is the collective name of several series of comic book by Tim Vigil (art) and David Quinn (stories), published by Rebel Studios and Avatar Press. Writer David Quinn wrote that his work's tone and anti-hero main character may have been inspirations for Spawn .

The series are known for their strong graphic violence and sexual situations. The main series is known as Faust : Love of the Damned and started publishing in 1988, with new issues being published irregularly, roughly once a year, or sometimes every two years. The original story is unfinished as yet, though David Quinn completed a script in 1996 (when writing the proposal to sell the film) and Tim Vigil has reportedly drawn the final episode.

In Act One of the comic, we meet Beef and Hapi, a couple of violent hitmen who work for a mysterious figure known as "M", out to eliminate a drug dealer and his girlfriend. This violence is detailed in the prose of Ron Balfour, a struggling, purple-prose journalist who tries to escape the insanity of the streets in a cafe, where he meets the beautiful Jade DeCamp, who slams his come on. She's got problems of her own: she's just been fired from Bellevue and she's furious over the accidental death of her patient and secret lover, John Jaspers. Jade recalls, in a flashback sequence, playing James Brown records for John Jaspers when they were lovers and telling him how much she loved James Brown's music when she was a child.

She knows she was foolish to return for Jasper's files, but she doesn't realize exactly how foolish until she and Balfour - who left the cafe as she did unintentionally - are assaulted by a gang she expects was sent personally for her. As the gang is about to inflict their worst, a brooding horn-masked figure appears muttering to himself that he doesn't know who is his or why he's drawn to this place. But he doesn't spend much time with this, as Jade's in danger. Instead, he laughs and sings while he slaughters the street punks - with a pair of "talons"(in each forearm gauntlet-housing spring forth two retractable blades, somewhat reminiscent of Wolverine's claws). The "Singing slasher" is singing a verse from James Brown's "Papa's Got a Brand New bag" as he kills the thugs and as the masked man slices off the head of one of the punks, he shouts "Papa's got a brand new bag!" and Jade realizes in horror who this man really is.

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