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Kid Miracleman

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Kid Marvelman, later known as Kid Miracleman, is a fictional comic book character appearing in Marvelman. In 2009, Kid Miracleman was ranked as IGN's 26th Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time.

The character was created by Mick Anglo and first appeared in Marvelman #102 published in July 1955 as one of the sidekicks of the title character. He is the alter-ego of Johnny Bates and transformed into superhuman form by saying the word "Marvelman" (later, for legal reasons, "Miracleman").

The character was later adapted by Alan Moore for his update of Marvelman in Warrior in 1982. Originally, Kid Marvelman wore a yellow version of Marvelman's uniform with a KM emblem. The later, evil version of the character wore a black version (but originally street clothes, namely a business suit).

In Alan Moore's new series, the previously published adventures of the Marvelman Family are treated as the virtual reality created to program three experimental superhumans created by the British government using captured alien technology. Following the attempted assassination of Kid Marvelman, Young Marvelman and Marvelman by their creator, Dr. Gargunza via an atomic explosion, the program is cancelled and all knowledge of it buried. Kid Marvelman survives, and believing the others dead, is left alone in the real world (versus Gargunza's virtual reality, in which he had lived the last few years of his life). Rather than return to human form, he decides to remain in his invulnerable superhuman form, which continues to mature, leaving the Johnny Bates persona in limbo.

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