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Eddy Gordo

CBUB Wins: 2
CBUB Losses: 3
Win Percentage: 40.00%

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is an Afro-Brazilian video game character in the Tekken fighting game series. He made his first debut in Tekken 3, and has appeared in every game thereafter (although he is not a true participant in Tekken 4).

Eddy is the first Capoeria practitioner to appear in the Tekken franchise the other being Christie Montiero. Both characters have received heavy criticism in the fighting video game community for their easy playability and have been attributed as button masher characters.

Eddy was born into one of the richest families in Brazil. Ever since he was a small boy, he knew he would one day take over the family business. He was well liked in his home town because he was a hard worker who treated others as his equals.

One day, when he was 19, Eddy came home from school to find his father shot and dying. He recalled that his father had been unusually nervous and fearful in recent weeks.

Eddy Gordo Eddy Gordo

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Loss Blanka 5 to 20
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Win Sean Matsuda 14 to 5
Loss Darli Dagger 1 to 2