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Roxy Rocket

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Roxy Rocket is a fiction character, a minor comic book supervillainess. Originally created in 1994 for The Batman Adventures Annual #1, a series published by DC Comics, based on Batman: The Animated Series, Roxy was incorporated into The New Batman Adventures in the episode "The Ultimate Thrill", which first aired on September 14, 1998. Shortly thereafter, Roxy appeared in "Knight Time", an episode of Superman: The Animated Series. Roxy later appeared in several comic books based on the TV show. In 2006, the character was introduced to the main DC Universe. She was voiced by Charity James.

Roxanne "Roxy Rocket" Sutton was formerly a stunt double for a Hollywood actress. However, she lost her job after she tried to make her stunts too dangerous for any company to insure her. Out of work, but still hungering for thrills, Sutton began stealing jewels for The Penguin. Unlike other villains in Gotham City, Roxy's crimes were fairly benign. She was always the one being put at risk. Batman also took risks in his attempts to catch Roxy in midair chases, leading Roxy to believe Batman was a kindred spirit who understood the pleasure of risk-taking, leading to her falling in love with the Dark Knight. In the end, however, Roxy realized her crush was unrequited when Batman had her arrested.

Roxy next appeared in Knight Time, an episode of Superman: The Animated Series. In what amounts to a cameo appearance, Roxy tries her luck in Metropolis, where she ends up tipping off Superman to the fact that Batman is conspicuously absent in Gotham. Unlike Batman (who can't fly), Superman picks Roxy off her rocket speeder with no effort at all. The episode eventually leads to a team-up between Robin and Superman. In both appearances, Roxy was voiced by Charity James.

Roxy Rocket makes a cameo appearance in the pages of Detective Comics #822, written by Paul Dini. She is trying to shake Batman off her rocket after she has stolen ion thruster plans from Gotham's S.T.A.R. Labs. This does not work. They crash high on the Sprang River Bridge and it takes Batman an hour and a half to get them both down. This is her first appearance in the DC Universe.

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