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Tony Almieda

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Anthony "Tony" Almeida is a fictional character played by Carlos Bernard on the television series 24

Tony Almeida was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1973. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Engineering from San Diego State University and a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Stanford University. He was previously on more episodes than any other character, second to Jack Bauer, but was surpassed by Chloe O'Brian.

Tony Almeida is third-in-command of the Los Angeles Counter Terrorist Unit and is romantically involved with Nina Myers, who months prior had been romantically involved with Jack. The past relationship serves as fuel for the subtle animosity between Tony and Jack.

Just after midnight, word arrives of an imminent assassination attempt on Democratic presidential candidate Senator David Palmer. When Jack becomes unreachable following a secret meeting with Richard Walsh, Tony becomes suspicious and reports Jack's actions to Division. Division in turn places CTU in a lockdown status while George Mason interrogates key staff members. His suspicions are furthered when Jack returns and sneaks Nina out of the office at gunpoint. Shortly thereafter, Tony catches Jamey Farrell in a lie when she tells Tony that Nina left for a meeting at Division. After Nina returns, the two interrogate her and she confesses to working for Gaines. Jamey dies in an apparent suicide soon after this.

Tony Almieda Tony Almieda Tony Almieda Tony Almieda Tony Almieda

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