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Jigsaw (Billy "The Beaut" Russo) is a fictional character, a supervillain in the Marvel Comics universe. Throughout his many appearances he has served as one of the Punisher's few recurring villains. Created by Len Wein and Ross Andru, he first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #162 (Nov. 1976).

Billy Russo was a professional criminal and brutal assassin for the Maggia crime family, nicknamed "the Beaut" because of his good looks. He was also a favorite assassin for the Costa crime family. After the execution-style killings that inadvertently led to the deaths of Frank Castle's family, Russo was hired by Bruno Costa to assassinate another assassin who had failed to kill Frank Castle as well. Russo kills all of his targets but Castle, who narrowly avoids death in an explosion. Hours later, Castle returns and tracks down Russo to one of the Maggia's nightclubs. Several criminals were killed, and Russo was thrown through a glass pane head-first. He survives with his face torn to shreds; because of the extent of the facial damage, surgeon stitch it back together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Taking advantage of his now hideous visage, the formerly handsome gangster took on the identity of Jigsaw, and initially attempts to frame the Punisher for murder. However, the plan failed due to the intervention of Spider-Man and Nightcrawler; Spider-Man witnesses one of Jigsaw's murders and one of his victims was an old friend of Nightcrawler. Jigsaw later battled Spider-Man again.

It is revealed in the first Punisher miniseries that Jigsaw was behind a plan to drug the Punisher, causing his enemy to behave erratically and attack any criminals, even for things as minor as littering. Jigsaw also attempts to kill the Punisher in prison. The Punisher confronts and defeats him, and later stops Jigsaw from escaping in a prison riot. Later on in the series, Jigsaw is brainwashed by the Trust into serving as a member of a Punisher-style assassination squad. He manages to remember who he is after encountering Castle once again, and attacks the Punisher. He is defeated once more.


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