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Ravage 2099

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Ravage 2099 (Paul-Phillip Ravage) is a Marvel Comics superhero, a fictional character created by Stan Lee in 1992 for Marvel's Marvel 2099 imprint. Ravage's first full appearance was in Ravage 2099 # 1, which appeared along with the Marvel 2099 universe releases of Spider-Man 2099, Doom 2099, and Punisher 2099, distinct among the other titles as Ravage was an original character, not re-imagined. The series ran for 33 issues.

Paul-Phillip Ravage was the CEO of ECO, a subsidiary of Alchemax that worked to combat polluters. Ravage's life changed when he was framed for murder in response to questioning the secrets of the company and the violent, often fatal, methods it used. A fugitive armed with a blaster, a cog used as a shuriken, and a kevlar vest, Ravage was the target of both the police and Alchemax. On the lam, Ravage's companions were an orphaned boy named Dack, son of a man his company killed, and an Asian-American woman named Tiana who was originally his secretary. Ravage was targeted for elimination by Anderthorp Henton, and battled a mutroid and ECO security. Alongside Dack and Tiana, he battled Alchemax troops. As a fugitive, Ravage would find himself traveling from civilization to Hellrock, home of irradiated and mutated outcasts, to become the mutated hero of the Barrio—an impoverished community of superhero worshipers located on the outskirts of the city. The despotic ruler of Hellrock, Dethstryk, who planned to invade the rest of the world and destroy all humans, would eventually become Ravage's arch-nemesis. Ravage freed Tiana from Hellrock, and battled Deathstryk and the mutroids, and became contaminated by radiation from Hellrock.

He battled more mutroids, and was treated by Dr. Ursell. After prolonged exposure to the radiation of Hellrock, Ravage soon develops a new superpower: his hands become radioactive and constantly generate lethal energy. This new power gives Ravage extreme destructive power, but it doesn't last for very long; eventually the radiation devolves his body to a primal beast form, making Ravage far more attuned to the animal world, and gives him horns-like protuberances on his head and face, sharp taloned hands and feet, fangs, a long vertical scar on the left side of his face, enhanced senses, strength and speed and the ability to regenerate from almost anything. Ravage can also transform back to a human form when necessary.

Alongside Dack and Tiana, he battled the New Atlanteans, and then Anderthorp Henton. His body was then reverted to Bestial form by radiation.

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