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The Yellow Bastard

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The Roark family is a fictional dynasty from Frank Miller's graphic novel series Sin City.

The family is made up of corrupt officials and landowners of Irish descent, who hold nearly absolute power in Basin City. They are the main antagonist in the series, and are frequent catalysts to various plots and storylines. Several of their friends and associates also serve as villains within the stories.

The family first arrived in Basin City during Gold Rush, when a Roark ancestor brought with him a large number of foreign prostitutes. The prostitutes were quite popular, turning a small mining camp into a thriving city. The Roark family would eventually gain political power as a result, controlling the land via their methods of corruption. The prostitutes themselves eventually split from the family and formed their own district reserved specifically for prostitution; this section would later be known as Old Town.

In the time period of the comics, the Roark family is currently thriving, with family members in the United States Senate, an Attorney General and a Cardinal of an unknown faith, but much like Catholicism, although the cross is markedly different .

The Yellow Bastard

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