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Jacen Solo

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Jacen Solo is a fictional character in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. The son of Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo and the nephew of Luke Skywalker, he is a major character in several Star Wars novels, particularly the Legacy of the Force series. He replaced Lumiya as the main antagonist of the series, up until his death at the end of Invincible. He is the son of Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo, brother of Anakin Solo and Jaina Solo, nephew of Luke Skywalker, grandson of Anakin Skywalker, and cousin of Ben Skywalker. Jacen later became known as Darth Caedus.

Jacen Solo was introduced near the end of the Thrawn Trilogy on Coruscant, when he was born five minutes after his sister Jaina. The twins, and eventually their younger brother Anakin, were sent to live at various safe havens, under the protection of Leia's handmaiden, Winter.

In Jedi Search, the twins returned to Coruscant at age three and had many adventures there. They once got lost in the underworld of Imperial City with C-3PO, but were quickly rescued and returned to their mother, the Chief of State of the New Republic.

In The Crystal Star, all three children were abducted, together with many other children with Force abilities, by a Dark Force user who tried to brainwash them into becoming Dark Jedi in order to bring about the rebirth of the Galactic Empire. The children defeated their captor.

Jacen Solo

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