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Crypto (Furon)

CBUB Wins: 0
CBUB Losses: 9
Win Percentage: 0%

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Official Site: THQ / pandemic studios

Crypto (Furon)

Images with a green border may be set as the character's main profile image.

For images 200x200 or 300x300 pixels square.

No match records for this character.

Regular play Record:

Result Opponent A Score   B Score
Loss Vectorman 40 to 55
Loss Agent J and Agent K 28 to 65
Loss Stitch 43 to 49
Loss Krypto 38 to 55
Loss Alien King 31 to 60
Loss Nemesis (Resident Evil) 31 to 79
Loss Invader Zim 35 to 37
Loss Deadpool 7 to 35
Loss Super Friends 4 to 11