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Vlad Masters (Plasmius)

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Vlad Plasmius, the evil alter ego to Vladmir "Vlad" Masters is a fictional character, a supervillain from the television show Danny Phantom, created by Butch Hartman, Shannon Tendell, and Stephen Silver. He is the main antagonist of the series and serves as Danny's arch-enemy. Vlad's primary goal is to kill his former friend, Jack Fenton because he blames him for ruining his life and "stealing" his wife, Maddie, whom he's madly in love with. He also battles for Danny's (whom he dubs "Little Badger" at times) affection, trying to persuade him to be his apprentice and son.

Vlad was created to be the "Lex Luthor" of the Danny Phantom franchise series. He serves as a contrast to Danny where he is older, more experienced, and richer; purposely meant to give Danny a formidable opponent.

Originally devised as a vampire before declaring it "too occult", Vlad's current resemblance shares much in common with vampiric traits. His ghost surname, "Plasmius" is devised from "plasma" which doubly can be a reference to "blood" or ectoplasm - underlining both the former vampire element and the current 'ghost' connection. Regardless of its influence, it is a surname that stayed in the final production. However, writer Steve Marmel declared the name "Vlad Plasmius" was from a brick he bought in Lambeau fields.

Vlad's love for the Green Bay Packers is attributed and added due to Marmel's fondness for them. Their team color is a reverse gold and green to avoid copyright infringement with the actual team. An original running gag would be that Vlad would lose his manor due to unfortunate luck every other episode.

Vlad Masters (Plasmius)

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