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Eragon is the main protagonist of the Inheritance Cycle, written by Christopher Paolini. Eragon is a male, the first in a new generation of Dragon Riders. He was trained by Brom an old story teller from his village and Oromis, and was chosen by Saphira, a blue dragon, to be her Rider.

Eragon grew up as an orphan without any real knowledge of his parentage except his mother's name, Selena, but later discovered, while on a hunting trip into the Spine mountains, a large blue stone. The stone later hatches back at his farm into a small Blue Dragon. He later names the Dragon Saphira. The dreaded Ra'zac who have been tracking the dragon egg, turn up at Eragon's farm, kill his uncle and force Eragon on a journey of adventure, friendship, betrayal and death.

For the first 15 years, Eragon lived on a farm in the small village of Carvahall. His mother, Selena, vanished soon after he was born, leaving him in the care of her brother, Garrow, and Garrow's wife, Marian. Marian died a few years after Selena's departure. Eragon lived with Garrow and Roran, Garrow's son. All this time, Eragon was ignorant regarding the identity of his father. Due to the independent nature of his uncle, the three of them live away from most of the villagers. Eragon, along with his uncle and cousin, survived on farming and hunting. Eragon was a brave and skilled hunter: he is one of the few who dared hunt in the Spine, a large range of untamed mountains. Though the family was poor, Garrow instilled in Roran and Eragon principles of honesty and sincerity, and taught them to live honorably. Although young, he has an adult mind due to having to grow up on his own.

Eragon is surprised to see a polished blue stone materialize one night in front of him while he is hunting in the Spine. A few days later, after a failed attempt to sell the stone, Eragon witnesses a baby Dragon hatch from the "stone", and realizes that it is actually a dragon egg. Eragon's hand touches the baby dragon's forehead and it leaves a Gedwey Ignasia, a silvery mark on his hand. After asking about dragons to the village's elderly storyteller, Brom, Eragon gets a list of dragons' names. Saphira is one of those names and the dragon liked that name the best. While Eragon raises Saphira in secret, without revealing her presence even to Roran and Garrow, Roran decides to leave Carvahall and work in a mill in Therinsford. Roran says that he will come back with the money to build a farm and then ask Katrina, Sloan the village butcher's daughter, for her hand in marriage because he deeply loves her. Eragon continues to raise Saphira in secret until two of King Galbatorix's servants, the Ra'zac, come to Carvahall looking for the egg. Eragon and Saphira escape by hiding deep in the Spine (by which Saphira "kidnapped" Eragon when her ancestral memories recognized the Ra'zac's scent), but Garrow is fatally wounded and the house and farm buildings are destroyed. Once Garrow dies, Eragon is left with no reason to stay in Carvahall. He goes after the Ra'zac, seeking vengeance for the destruction of his home and his uncle's death. He is accompanied by Brom, who insists on helping him and Saphira.

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