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Hotstreak (otherwise known as Francis Stone and F-Stop) is a villain in the comic series Static. Hotstreak was Static's first enemy in both the comic book and television show, as well as indirectly responsible for Virgil's acquisition of super powers. Being a vicious bully, Hotstreak is a member of one of the gangs that participated in the Big Bang of Dakota.

Francis Stone, better known as "Biz Money B", was a member of the Firecrackers, one of the gangs in the Big Bang. After becoming exposed to a mutagen at the Big Bang, Stone gained the abilities of pyrokinesis. Renaming himself Hotstreak, he formed his own street gang called the "5-Alarm Crew".

He is also indirectly responsible for Virgil Hawkins becoming the superhero Static; Hawkins had come to the Big Bang intending to kill Stone in the confusion, and, although he had realized he couldn't go through with the plan, Hawkins was still in the area when the mutagen was released, and thus gained powers of his own.

Hotstreak was first introduced in the comic books bullying Frieda Goren in issue 1 "Trial by Fire, ch. 1: Burning Sensation". He intended to win her as a prize in a small skirmish between his gang and another; when the 5-Alarm Crew attempt to get Frieda again, Static and Hotstreak face off against each other. Hotstreak defeats Static when the hero is shocked upon learning his foe's previous identity. After confiding in a rescued Frieda, Static returns to defeat Hotstreak.

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