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Strong Guy

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Strong Guy is the alias of Guido Carosella, a fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe. He was created by Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz in New Mutants volume 1 #29 (July 1985), and was reinvented as Strong Guy by Peter David and Larry Stroman in X-Factor (volume 1) #71 (October 1991).

Born in Rhinebeck, New York to working class Italian parents, Guido Carosella gained a fortune in a settlement when his parents were killed by falling space debris. Skinny and shy, Guido's mutant powers were triggered in childhood when an incident with schoolyard bullies and being hit by a bus ended in his body becoming disproportionately large and over-muscled, separating the already withdrawn boy even further from his peers. He had the love and support of his aunt and uncle, who took him in after his parents' deaths. Guido coped with his emotional and physical pain caused by his mutation, by developing an outgoing "public face", rarely letting even those close to him see him in any discomfort.

During the incident with the bus, another boy, Charlie Ronalds, was hurt by Guido's flailing. Due to luck, Charlie survived with only a slight limp. He would later become the villainous Charon.

After losing much of his fortune, Guido began to take on jobs that would allow him to maintain his luxurious lifestyle. This leads to Guido becoming the long-time roadie and bouncer for the mutant musician Lila Cheney. While working as a bodyguard for Lila, he met Cannonball and Magik of the New Mutants. He later found Dazzler near Lila Cheney's Malibu house, and helped rescue Dazzler from drowning. He then found the injured Lila Cheney when she teleported back to Malibu, and accompanied Cheney to seek help from the X-Men. Guido was later among the mutants living on Muir Island who were mentally controlled by the telepath Shadow King. In order to satiate his bloodlust, the Shadow King encouraged arena fighting amongst the Muir Island personnel. Guido receives a serious beating at the hands of Rogue. After the Shadow King was defeated, several of the Muir Island mutants, with the help of Val Cooper, were recruited to form a new X-Factor team..

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