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Marshal Law

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Marshal Law is an English-language superhero comic book series created by Pat Mills and Kevin O'Neill. One of the first major creator-owned characters for a major publisher, it was first published by Epic Comics in 1987. The series is a satire on the whole superhero genre, and certain specific hero characters in particular.

The series is characterised by its extreme graphic violence and nudity, and Mills' skewering of superhero conventions and US government policy and society.

Marshal Law started life at Epic Comics on October 1987 in a six-issue limited series. The series proved popular, although it did suffer from shipping delays, and was followed by the Marshal Law Takes Manhattan one-shot, in which most of Marvel Comics major characters were ruthlessly parodied.

In 1991, Mills and O'Neill took the character to the fledgling Apocalypse Comics for a one-off special & then as the flagship story in Toxic!, a weekly comic started in 1991 to compete with 2000AD.

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