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Shrek is a fictional character from the children's book Shrek! and the Shrek films. He is the main protagonist of the book and the films. The name "Shrek" is derived from the German and Yiddish word "Schreck"/"Shreck", literally meaning "fear, terror."

Shrek is a large, green, physically intimidating ogre, with an accent described by Myers as "a Scottish guy living in Scarborough for forty years". Although his background is something of a mystery, it is assumed that despite these traits, Shrek has always been an ogre of the non-hostile kind as he loves peace and solitude and lives in a swamp (with a "Beware the Ogre!" sign near his home to discourage attacking villagers) and is befriended by Donkey, an excitable, hyperactive donkey. It is notable that when Shrek is first seen he is successfully scaring off villagers by roaring at them, but it later becomes obvious that they were only attacking him because he is an ogre, not because he had done anything particularly wrong. In the first Shrek movie, during a conversation with Donkey, he laments that "I'm not the one with the problem, it's the world that seems to have a problem with me! People take one look at me and go 'Aagh, help, run! A big, stupid, ugly ogre!' They judge me before they even get to know me... That's why I'm better off alone," implying that he became a recluse after trying and failing to find acceptance among others. In Shrek the Third, it is revealed Shrek has a father who tried to eat him as Shrek stated, "I guess I should have seen it coming. He used to bathe me in barbecue sauce and put me to bed with an apple in my mouth".

Shrek lives in an Ogre Swamp. The swamp, like any other swamp, is green and murky. The swamp contains small and big ponds of muddy water and also has geysers that squirt out mud. The swamp contains the living quarters of Shrek which consists of an outhouse and Shrek's house. The swamp is also a home to different kinds of species including the swamp slug that Shrek uses for his toothpaste. This basically beginning portrays Shrek as a real grubby beast. When he finds squatters where he lives, he agrees to the rescue of Princess Fiona to evict all the squatters. However, during the course of the mission, Shrek falls deeply in love with Fiona.

Since that he is a ogre, Shrek has a considerable amount of physical strength, being able to break wood and metal constructs, get in physical combat with a number of armor powered humans and usually winning, unintentionally destroying a wooden vessel with a bottle of wine, and even lifting or turning objects that are too heavy for a normal human being, such as a gigantic vat of magic potion against the maximum security of the fairy godmother in Shrek 2.

Shrek Shrek

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