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Captain Marvel (Amalgam)

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Captain Marvel (William Mar-Vell) is a fictional character, a comic book superhero from the Amalgam Comics universe. His true debut was in JLX #1 (April 1996), though his Amalgam Universe (metafiction) debut was in Whiz Marvels #1. He is an amalgamation of DC Comics' Captain Marvel and Marvel Comics' Captain Mar-Vell. His costume features Mar-Vell's original green and white color scheme, but with Captain Marvel's iconic lightning bolt chest emblem.

Captain Marvel's only true appearances have been minor ones in JLX #1 (1996) and JLX Unleashed #1 (1997), so information on him is limited. His real name is Billy Mar-Vell, and it could be assumed that he is a young Kree. When he exclaimed the word "Kree!", he was transformed into the warrior known as Captain Marvel. He has shown a strong disapproval for Skrulls and metamutants. As far as his membership in the Judgment League Avengers, he seems to be one of their leaders, along with Super-Soldier, giving commands to the other members in battle.

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