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Mr Immortal

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Mr. Immortal (Craig Hollis) is a comic book character, a mutant superhero in Marvel Comics' main shared universe. He is the leader of the Great Lakes Avengers and first appeared in the pages of the Avengers West Coast in 1989.

Mr. Immortal is the leader and founder of the Great Lakes Avengers, a regional offshoot of the Avengers made up of heroes with abilities far less powerful and consequential than their better-known peers. Their base of operations is Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which appears to be their shared birthplace.

Mr. Immortal possesses the superhuman ability of immortality. Before her untimely death, his teammate and sometimes lover Dinah Soar was the only one able to calm him down when he was revived, as he was prone to fits of rage upon returning to life. This unique ability has always given him the courage to try daring, reckless life-endangering stunts and he is quite ready to sacrifice himself for the rest of the team. It has also left him in frequent states of depression by having to watch his loved ones die around him. He discovered his ability after attempting suicide several times. He is quoted as saying, "All you're threatening me with is death. And dying's what I do best!"

His immortality is something he has had to cope with since the start of his life, as the cosmic entity Deathurge regularly appeared to him. Deathurge first appeared before Craig shortly after his birth and the untimely death of his mother. His mother made Deathurge promise that he would look after Craig, and he has done so ever since in his own unique way. Craig would dub Deathurge, "D'urge", and the two became the best of friends. His father believed Deathurge to be an imaginary friend, but Deathurge was quite real, and constantly urging Craig to endanger his life by, for example, playing in traffic. Each attempt at the boy's first death was averted and Craig wrote it off as: "Just playin' with D'urge, daddy."

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