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Mad Hatter (DC Comics)

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The Mad Hatter (Jervis Tetch) is a supervillain and enemy of Batman in the . He is modeled after the Mad Hatter from Lewis Carroll's book, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. He made his first appearance in Batman #49 in October 1948.

Throughout his comic book appearances, the Mad Hatter has been portrayed as a master criminal whose characterization has varied from that of a purely evil psychopath to a goofy mind-controlling enemy. Like other Batman villains, the Mad Hatter has become a darker character in recent years.

The Mad Hatter is depicted as a deranged scientist who invents and uses technological mind-controlling devices to influence and manipulate the minds of his victims, believing that "the mind is the weakest part of a person". He is well-known for sporting a green-coloured hat which is usually slightly over-sized as it houses his mobile mind-manipulating devices.

Jervis Tetch is fascinated with hats of all shapes and sizes, as well as the book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and its sequel Through the Looking-Glass, particularly favoring the chapter 'A Mad Tea Party'. According to Dr. Blakloch of Arkham Asylum:

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