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Yawgmoth is a character from the trading card game Magic: The Gathering.

In the fictional multiverse of Magic: The Gathering, Yawgmoth, known as the "Father of Machines" and called the Ineffable by his underlings, is the unabated god of the plane of Phyrexia, a universe of untold corruption and mechanical monstrosity. He wields nearly unlimited magical might and commands infinite hordes of twisted creatures known as Phyrexians. Throughout a large portion of the Magic storylines Yawgmoth and the Phyrexians are the ever-present evil adversaries, opposed by a wide range of protagonists both mortal and otherwise. The greatest concentration of information on Yawgmoth's origin and early life is chronicled in J. Robert King's novel, The Thran. Yawgmoth is portrayed as a kind of medical madman, more concerned with proving his methods and theories than actually curing the illnesses he is called upon to remedy.

Yawgmoth was born a normal thran on the world of Dominaria during the reign of the technologically advanced Thran empire, about 5000 years before the birth of the inventor Urza. He was banished for his unorthodox beliefs regarding diseases and healing, but returned to the capital city of Halcyon to treat Glacian, the renowned engineer and inventor, who was suffering from an unknown illness after being attacked by an exiled leper named Gix. Yawgmoth strikes a chord as a natural antagonist from the very start, and though he was by trade & profession a medic, his ways went towards an unnatural fascination with the mechanics of the body. This fascination led to experiments with plagues and poisons, several of which caused widespread death among the various races that he had visited. Yawgmoth's obsessions would later become a kind of bio-mechanical religion, phyresis, mirrored in the metal realm of Phyrexia.

Yawgmoth was successful, however, in diagnosing the cause of Glacian's ailment; radiation from the numerous magic-charged powerstones that fuel the might of the Thran empire. Glacian was especially affected by the ailment because he managed the facility that produced them, and had been stabbed with a powerstone fragment when his facility was attacked by a mob of rejects of society known as Untouchables. These Untouchables were themselves severely affected by the sickness that Yawgmoth had discovered, which is why they had been exiled to the caverns beneath the city. Yawgmoth then used his knowledge and healing skills as a means to dominate the people of the empire, on the promise of curing the illness he dubbed phthisis.

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