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Cotton Hill

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Cotton Lyndal Hill (May 3, 1925 - November 11, 2007) was an American fictional character in the animated series King of the Hill. He is the father of Hank Hill, Good Hank Hill or "G.H.", and Junichiro (his illegitimate half-Japanese son). He was also a World War II veteran who had his shins "blowed off by a Japanman's machine gun" in combat, and later had his feet attached to his knees. This made him a foot shorter than his fellow family members and caused a characteristic waddle. According to Hank, Cotton was 6' 4" (1.93 m) with his shins, 5' 0" even (1.52m) without. Despite his disability, he eventually reached the rank of Colonel in the Texas State Militia, and was addressed as such by his friends. Cotton was voiced by Toby Huss.

Cotton was zealously proud of his military service record and his status as a war hero, although he tended to exaggerate his exploits. He often claims to anyone who will listen that he killed "fitty (50) men" during the war. He consistently reminded everyone within earshot about how he lost his shins during World War II:

:"I was 14, just a little older than Bobby. But I knew Uncle Sam needed me, so I lied and signed up. We had beat the Nazzys in Italy, and they shipped me to the Pacific theater. A Tojo torpedo sent our troop ship to the bottom. I could only save three of my buddies: Fatty, Stinky, and Brooklyn. They were kind of like you fellas [to Bill, Dale, and Boomhauer], only one of them was from Brooklyn. Out of the sun came a Tojo Zero and put fitty bullets in my back. The blood attracted sharks. I had to give 'em Fatty. Then things took a turn for the worse. I made it to an island, but it was full of Tojos! They were spitting on the U.S. flag! So I rushed 'em, but it was a trap. They opened fire and blew my shins off. Last thing I remember, I beat 'em all to death with a big piece of Fatty. I woke up in a field hospital, and they were sewing my feet to my knees."

He referred to the Japanese as "Tojos," a slur not unlike Jap and deriving from war-time Japanese Prime Minister and General Hideki Tojo. He would also refer to the Nazis as "Nazzys."

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