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Section 8

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Section 8 is a fictional superhero team in the . The team first appeared in Hitman #18 (September 1997), and was created by Garth Ennis and John McCrea (with some slight, uncredited aid from Steve Dillon).

The team is based in The Cauldron, the Irish section of Gotham City and is led by Sixpack. They apparently have some sort of heroic history (though this is complicated by the fact that several of their members seem prone to complicated hallucinations) prior to the events of Hitman. As of the start of the series, the team is split up, although they are all still located within Gotham City.

The team reforms to provide critical support for Tommy Monaghan and his crew during the "Ace of Killers" storyline. Collectively, they kill many mafia soldiers that were trying to kill Tommy, Natt the Hat, Detective Tiegel and Catwoman. The group later aids Tommy during his encounter with the Czarnia mercenary anti-hero Lobo. Specifically, they aid Tommy in creating material blackmailing a stunned Lobo with the help of Bueno Excellente which prevents Lobo from taking revenge against any of them.

Their attempt to fight with the demonic entities known as the Multi-Angled Ones was less successful, as most of the team die or accidentally kill themselves. Sixpack offers to voluntarily go with the Many-Angled Ones to stop the attack. Pleased at the self-sacrifice, they leave with him. Sixpack has a statue built in his honor of his presumed death, though the storyline suggests both that he survived and cleaned up his lifestyle afterward. Bueno Excellente appeared to have escaped the fate of the rest of the team to avenge their loss on the scientist responsible for releasing the Many Angled Ones.

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