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Stature (Cassandra "Cassie" Eleanor Lang) is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe. She is the daughter of the late Scott Lang (the second Ant-Man). Cassie Lang is a member of the Young Avengers and The Initiative. She has the same powers as her father, the ability to shrink and grow in size, but lacks her father's helmet which allowed telepathic communication with insects. However, she manifested her powers much later than her first exposure to Pym Particles.

Cassie Lang was introduced to the Marvel Universe as the ill daughter of Scott Lang. Her congenital heart condition forces her father to steal Henry Pym's Ant-Man equipment and Pym Particles, which he uses to rescue Doctor Sondheim, the only doctor able to cure Cassie's condition, from Cross Technological Enterprises.

After the divorce of her parents, Cassie lives for most of her childhood with her father, whom she loves and admires greatly. She is fascinated by his life as a superhero once she learns of it, and generally has a good relationship with his colleagues; when she was younger, she even called Tony Stark 'Uncle Tony'. However, her mother and stepfather fear that his life as an Avenger was unsafe for a child, and they claim custody over Cassie.

Scott's time as an engineer for the Fantastic Four brought Cassie to the team's then headquarters of Four Freedom's Plaza. In the spectacular environment Cassie once called home she forged a strong friendship with the former ward of Dr. Doom, Kristoff Vernard. For the time they shared a home with the Fantastic Four, Cassie helped Kristoff adjust to life outside of Doom's castle, and she developed something of a crush on the boy.

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