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Carl 'CJ' Johnson

CBUB Wins: 8
CBUB Losses: 23
Win Percentage: 25.81%

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Throughout the various missions and cut scene in the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, set in 1992, a number of recurring characters appear. Prominent characters are listed here.

Many characters were voiced by crime film veterans, such as Samuel L. Jackson of Pulp Fiction fame, James Woods (Once Upon a Time in America, Casino), Frank Vincent (Casino, GoodFellas) and Peter Fonda (Easy Rider). Prominent West Coast rappers, such as MC Eiht, Ice T, Frost and The Game provided voice work for minor characters in the game as well.

''Introduced in: Introduction; airport cut scene

Carl "CJ" Johnson (born 1967) is the protagonist, anti-hero and player-controlled character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He is voiced by Young Maylay.

Carl 'CJ' Johnson

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Result Opponent A Score   B Score
Loss Tommy Vercetti 23 to 72
Loss Sub-Zero 20 to 97
Loss Toni Cipriani 12 to 19
Loss Claude 10 to 15
Loss Niko Bellic 9 to 24
Win Tommy Vercetti 20 to 14
Win Tommy Vercetti 20 to 11
Loss The Punisher 13 to 30
Win The 3rd Street Saints 19 to 13
Win Kingpin 30 to 17
Win Toni Cipriani 13 to 6
Win Toni Cipriani 13 to 6
Win Toni Cipriani 12 to 7
Win Tommy Vercetti 15 to 8
Loss T-1000 (Terminator) 2 to 19
Loss Jungle Hunter (Predator) 2 to 22
Loss Tony "Scarface" Montana 2 to 20
Loss Sergeant Soap MacTavish 3 to 13
Loss Agent 47 5 to 18
Loss John McClane 2 to 22
Loss The Joker 2 to 27
Loss Nightwing 7 to 27
Loss Agent 47 1 to 26
Loss Edward Cullen 12 to 15
Loss Dark Predator 6 to 22
Loss Count Von Count 4 to 25
Loss Tommy Vercetti 7 to 17
Loss Dr. Frank N. Furter 6 to 8
Loss Wolf Predator 4 to 23
Loss Axel Foley 7 to 17
Loss Huey and Riley Freeman 3 to 11