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J2 (Zane Yama-Marko) is a fictional comic book mutant superhero in the Marvel Universe. He exists in MC2, an alternate future timeline of the main Marvel continuity and is the son of the former supervillain Juggernaut. J2 is a member of the future incarnation of the Avengers, A-Next. J2 once had his own series, which lasted for twelve issues. He has made a few appearances in Spider-Girl (also set in the MC2 universe, starring the daughter of Spider-Man).

After his initial appearance, J2 ended up with his own self-titled ongoing series. However, the series was cancelled after only 12 issues.

He also made appearances as a supporting character in the first series of A-Next as well as the limited series Last Hero Standing and Last Planet Standing.

Zane Yama is the son of Cain Marko and lawyer Sachi Yama. J2 lived most of his younger life without the guidance of his father, Juggernaut, who had gone missing on a mission with the X-Men.

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