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is Toho Studios's official name for the title character of the 1998 film Godzilla. The name was created for the character's appearance in 2004's Godzilla: Final Wars. Prior to the release of that film, the monster was simply called "Godzilla," which is still the official name for the monster in the 1998 movie.

Originally a marine iguana egg irradiated by French nuclear tests in French Polynesia, Godzilla makes its presence known years later when it attacks a Japanese fishing ship. The monster then heads to New York City, dragging three trawlers under the sea on the way, then creating havoc in the Fulton Fish Market, before rampaging through the city. Manhattan is evacuated and the military attempt to kill the monster, first luring it out with a huge pile of fish. It takes the bait, but then is scared off by small arms fire, and is chased by three AH-64 Apache attack helicopters. They fire, only to knock the top two dozen stories off the Chrysler Building. The monster escapes, but not before it is realized that it reproduces asexually, and is collecting food not only for itself, but also for its offspring. The military lures Godzilla out again, into the waters of the Hudson River and seemingly kill it with a torpedo. Meanwhile, hundreds of eggs are discovered in Madison Square Garden. The Baby Godzilla's begin to look for food, but are incinerated when the building is bombarded. The adult Godzilla emerges from the wreckage, and is lured to the Brooklyn Bridge where it becomes entangled in the steel suspension cables, and is an easy target for the fighters. After it is hit by twelve missiles, it screams in pain and falls to the ground, its heart beating slowly until it breathes its last breath.

All seems well until we see in the smoking ruins of the Garden, a single egg has survived and hatches revealing another baby Godzilla.

Under Xilian control, Zilla attacks Sydney, Australia, and later battles Godzilla there. He charges at Godzilla and jumps over his atomic breath, but is sent flying by a tail swipe from Godzilla into the Sydney Opera House. Godzilla releases his atomic breath at the famous structure, destroying it and atomizing Zilla in the process. The fight itself lasts 13 seconds, giving Zilla the record of the shortest battle in Final Wars, and one of the shortest defeats in any Godzilla film.

Zilla Zilla

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