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The Vorlon Empire

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A Vorlon is a member of a fictional alien species in the Babylon 5 television series and fictional universe. The Vorlon species is a member of the First Ones, a group made up of the earliest species to gain sentience in the galaxy. When in the presence of other species, Vorlons wear encounter suits.

Little is known of the Vorlon home-world other than its name, which is also Vorlon. The atmosphere inside Ambassador Kosh's quarters is unbreathable to humans. The human telepath Lyta Alexander was changed by the Vorlons and was able to breathe the Vorlon atmosphere. Still, it is doubted if the Vorlons need this atmosphere, or that they need any atmosphere at all; it has been suggested on the show that the Vorlons use the chosen mix of gasses (toxic to most species) for the sole purpose of discouraging visitors.

Only two humans are known to have ever gone into Vorlon space and returned. One is Lyta Alexander, Babylon 5's first commercial telepath. After being touched by the Vorlons, she travelled to the borders of Vorlon Space to find them again. She was picked up and taken to the Vorlon homeworld, from which she returned as the assistant to the Ambassadors Kosh (the second called himself Kosh, though his name was Ulkesh). A small part of Lyta's experience on the Vorlon home-world is revealed, along with the secret that the Vorlons had been manipulating many different species to produce telepaths that could be used in the war against the Shadows.

The other human is Sebastian, formerly known as Jack the Ripper, whom the Vorlons took from 19th century Earth in order to employ as an "Inquisitor". His fate after the Vorlons left is unknown, though Sebastian hoped that after centuries of "penance and service" he would finally be allowed to die.

The Vorlon Empire The Vorlon Empire The Vorlon Empire The Vorlon Empire

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