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Doom 2099

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Doom (Victor von Doom) is a Marvel Comics anti-hero featured in the Marvel 2099 comic book Doom 2099. The character is based on Doctor Doom, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The comic was written by John Francis Moore for its first two years and by Warren Ellis for its third.

Doom first appeared in Marvel Comics Presents #118, in a preview of Doom 2099 #1. Doom 2099 would run for 44 issues (January 1993 - August 1996), with Doom making notable appearances in 2099 AD, 2099 Unlimited, 2099: World of Tomorrow, Ghost Rider 2099, Hulk 2099, Punisher 2099, Ravage 2099, Spider-Man 2099, and X-Men 2099. Doom also received his own special one-shot after conquering the United States titled 2099 A.D.

In the year 2099, Doom abruptly materialized in the ruins of Castle Doom in Latveria, after disappearing 50-100 years before. Latveria was now in the hands of a cyborg mercenary robber-baron, Tyger Wylde. Doom confronted the new dictator of the nation, but was quickly defeated by Wylde's superior technology — his armor depleted of energy and destroyed, and his face was scarred. Left for dead, Doom found refuge with the last remnants of his gypsy tribe, the Zefiro, who assisted him in creating a new, more powerful suit of armor capable of competing with Wylde's futuristic technology and performed neurocybersurgery on him. Doom became a freedom fighter, and struck back against Tiger Wylde. Doom stole Wylde's shipment of tritonium, an unstable radioactive mineral, useful both as a regenerating explosive and as a power source (so powerful that a large handful could power Latveria for fifty years), thereby prompting Wylde to attack. Alongside the Zefiro, and with the use of the tritonium, Doom was able to defeat Wylde and regain control of his home nation to become Monarch of Latveria in Castle Doom once again. Doom then decided that the world has become chaotic and corrupt and to save it, he had to conquer it. Doom was assisted by several Zefiro Gypsies:

Doom secretly observed this era's Spider-Man. Doom traveled into Cyberspace alongside Wire; there he battled Fever, the Virtual Reality Fantastic Four, Catscan, Haze, Paloma, and Duke Stratosphere.

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Win Stewie Griffin 8 to 2
Win The Eleventh Doctor 6 to 1
Loss Lelouch Lamperouge 6 to 9
Win David Xanatos 6 to 3

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Win Ravage 2099 62 to 15
Loss The Thing 44 to 46
Win Doctor Octopus 58 to 37