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Lu Bu

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CBUB Losses: 13
Win Percentage: 50.00%

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There have been 52 playable characters in the Dynasty Warriors series as of the release of Dynasty Warriors 6. Most of the characters were real figures from the Three Kingdoms era of China, although some possibly fictional characters from the classic novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms were also included in the roster such as Diao Chan and Zuo Ci. Minor female characters from history have been placed on the battlefield by Koei, although aside from the possibly fictional Zhu Rong from the novel, they never fought in any of the battles.

Guan Ping is the adopted son of Guan Yu. He fights alongside his father in numerous battles and defends him from the pursuing Wei forces when Guan Yu is escaping from Cao Cao (appears only if the player is playing on Wei's side). His most significant role is during the Battle of Fan Castle, where he assists in initiating the flood attack on Cao Ren. In history, Guan Ping and his adoptive father were defeated and captured by Lü Meng of Wu and executed. In the game, however, Guan Ping survives (but Guan Yu dies) and participates in the Battle of Yiling.

Guan Ping is commonly seen as a generic officer until Dynasty Warriors 5, where he is seen wielding a giant back-hand sword called "Young Dragon". The weapon's size slows him down and he has to rely on momentum to wield his sword rather than skill. This can also be attributed to his young age and eagerness to prove himself to his adoptive father. His attacks involve a combination of straight forward slashes, swinging and twirling and throwing of the sword. Guan Ping has a mixed level of effectiveness in combat. His slow attacks leave him vulnerable yet his potentially devastating charge attacks can be exactly as expected. Typically, his suitability in combat can fluctuate, leading him to being either extremely valuable or very undesirable to a player. His Musou attack is a few simple spins with his sword to slash those around him and very much similar to his father's except for the final move. In Dynasty Warriors 6, he switches his giant sword for a halberd that resembles Lü Bu's former weapon. He does not have a musou mode however in Dynasty Warrior 6.

Guan Yu is the leader of the Five Tiger Generals of Shu and a sworn brother of Liu Bei and Zhang Fei. Together with Zhang, they are the first two generals to serve Liu and fight alongside him against the Yellow Turban rebels and Dong Zhuo's forces. In the novel, he slays Hua Xiong, a mighty general serving Dong Zhuo, and this feat is reenacted in the game. The epic battle in the novel between the three sworn brothers and the mighty warrior Lü Bu is also brought to life in the game. Guan Yu is clearly emphasized in the game, with a large stature and announcing rather than speaking, in a pompous but courageous tone.

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Loss Drizzt Do'Urden 1 to 7
Loss Dark Agnes De Chastillon 3 to 6

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Loss The Nameless Hero 25 to 46
Win Kenshin Himura 58 to 46
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Win Horus (Warhammer 40,000) 46 to 43
Win The Living Dead 74 to 55
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Loss Nightmare (Soulcalibur) 32 to 58
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Loss Shao Kahn 7 to 16