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Ryu (BoF series)

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is a console role-playing game series developed by Capcom. It originated on the Super NES in 1993 as Capcom's first foray into the role-playing genre. The series is notable for its recurring characters and ambiguous continuity; though each game is its own self-contained story, the names of the two lead characters are, invariably, Ryu and Nina.

The story commonly involves an adventurer named Ryu who can shapeshift into different types of dragon. Over the course of his journey, he befriends Nina, a girl with wings. At its inception, Breath of Fire took place in a medieval-style fictional world, a frequently-seen setting in western role-playing games. Following the mainstream success of Japan role-playing games in the 1990s, the series began showing a rise in Asian influences: anime-style characters, post-apocalyptic themes, and an increased emphasis on character development. Despite these changes, the core structure of Breath of Fire remains linear and plot-focused. As of 2003, five Breath of Fire titles have been released, with three games being ported to handheld game console as well as Nintendo's Virtual Console. To date, the series has sold over 3 million units worldwide. Breath of Fire greatly influenced Capcom's Dead Rising series, borrowing the timed mission and save mechanic.

The setting of Breath of Fire is a fictional world populated by various anthropomorphic species, ranging from humans to bipedal felines, canines, fish and plants. eventually sliding toward extinction. Although the Light Dragons are consistently depicted as being few in number, the Dark Dragons occupy a large empire in Breath of Fire. The Dragon Clan is depicted as near-extinct in subsequent games.

The main antagonists of the series are of a decidedly religious natureā€”a demon or demigod -- often masquerading as a monotheistic deity. The plot often involves corrupt or misled religious leaders who are conspiring against the people they represent. The protagonist, Ryu, is the last surviving member of a messianic dragon clan who must save the humans from their false god.

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