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The Nightstalkers is a fictional trio of preexisting characters in comic books published by Marvel Comics. A team of occult experts, they reluctantly banded together to fight supernatural threats.

It was composed of the vampire-hunter Blade and Frank Drake (who had fought Count Dracula in the 1970s series Tomb of Dracula); and, also from that series, private detective Hannibal King, a "neo-vampire" with vampiric abilities but only a craving, not a need, for drinking blood. They were gathered by Doctor Strange in Nightstalkers #1 (Nov. 1992) to battle an immediate threat, but under his larger, hidden agenda.

Nightstalkers ran 18 issues (Nov. 1992 - April 1994). It incorporated story threads from previous Marvel Comics supernatural series, primarily Tomb of Dracula (April 1972 - August 1979) where the three protagonists had first appeared.

Before being formally gathered by Doctor Strange to fight supernatural threats, Hannibal King, Frank Drake, and Blade had founded the detective agency King, Drake, and Blade, later renamed Borderline Investigations.


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