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F91 Gundam

CBUB Wins: 1
CBUB Losses: 5
Win Percentage: 16.67%

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The F91 Gundam Formula 91 is the title mobile suit of the anime movie Mobile Suit Gundam F91.

The F91 Gundam is a high-performance mobile suit developed by Earth Federation's Strategic Naval Research Institute. Considered a late member of the famous Gundam series, it was made almost fifty years after the first Gundam, during a period of the Federation's decline. Although smaller at 15.2 meters tall and 19.9 tons compared to 18.5 m and 60 t for the RX-78 the F91 was immensely more powerful, with an array of advanced weaponry, as well as the revolutionary beam shield, which is much more effective than the solid material shields. F91 inherited the versatile design of its predecessor F90 Gundam, able to adapt to 20+ different mission roles simply by changing gear packs.

The most powerful weapons of this Gundam were its twin "Variable Speed Beam Rifles" (VSBR), which despite the name "beam rifle" were actually built-in weapons drawing their power directly from the mobile suit's fusion reactor. These guns could adjust their mega-particle acceleration, reacting them extremely quickly to produce a highly penetrative beam capable of piercing beam shields, or very slowly to produce a heavy beam that inflicts maximum crude damage. Other than being a weapon, the VSBRs can also be used as additional tail binder for AMBAC maneuvers, significantly improving the suit's combat efficiency. The technology behind the VSBR later served to develop the "Minovsky drive" system equipped by the V2 Gundam in U.C.0150s.

Another powerful feature is the ground-breaking bio-computer, which is a reverse psycommu system that processes and feeds battle data directly to the pilot's brain. This allows ordinary pilots (i.e. Oldtypes) to perform almost at par with Newtypes. However, due to the mental stress, it is best utilized by a Newtype.

Fantasy Teams Season 7 Record:

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Result Opponent A Score   B Score
Loss King Ghidorah 3 to 12
Loss Omega Supreme 4 to 11
Loss Mechagodzilla 4 to 9

Regular play Record:

Result Opponent A Score   B Score
Loss Spider-Man 54 to 69
Loss Wing Zero 35 to 73
Win ARX-7 Arbalest 9 to 5