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The Visitors' Empire

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The Visitors are a fictional invading alien race from the V science fiction franchise. The "Visitors" are reptilian humanoids who disguise themselves to look human but prefer to eat live prey, such as mice. In the 1983 and 1984 miniseries, but not the 1984 TV series, the disguised Visitors can be told apart from humans by a reverberating echo in their voices. The reimagined 2009 versions lack that vocal attribute and thus appear more human.

All Visitors are given human names for the humans' convenience. They are never heard to use their home-world names.

The Leader (or commonly referred to by the Visitors as "Our Great Leader") is the head of a military dictatorship that controls the population on Sirius 4 and controls every resource and ship-of-the-line in the entire Sirian Fleet through his ministers. The Leader was constantly mentioned, but never seen, in the series.

Early in the Leader's military career, he was regarded as a military genius and quickly rose through the ranks, then the Visitors suffered a massive defeat in an interplanetary war with an un-named alien superpower that resulted in the destruction of several Visitor colony worlds. This was the only defeat he ever suffered and he vowed he would have his vengeance. He then left the military and joined the political sector of their society.

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