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Rictor (Julio Esteban "Ric" Richter) is a fiction comic book superhero in the Marvel Universe, who appears in the X-Men family of books published by Marvel Comics. He was created by by writer Louise Simonson and artist Walt Simonson and first appeared in X-Factor vol.1 #17 (June 1987). In subsequent years, the character was featured as a member of the original New Mutants team and the original X-Force team, and continued to appear in various X-Men franchise publications thereafter. In comic books published in the 1980s and 1990s, Rictor's mutant powers were to generate seismic energy and tremendously powerful vibrations in any nearby object, including inducing earthquake-like phenomena, causing objects to shatter or crumble. When the character was reintroduced in 2005, it was as one of many depowered mutants adjusting to civilian life.

Introduced in the late 1980s as a supporting character in X-Factor, Rictor appeared in Marvel comics for ten years under the pens of a number of different writers; much of his character development in this period came from Jeff Loeb's run on X-Force. The character returned to publication in 2005 with the X-Factor vol.3 and has been written by Peter David continually since then. Rictor is, notably, one of the few openly bisexual characters in the Marvel Universe. His same-sex kiss with fellow teammate Shatterstar in the pages of X-Factor vol.3 in 2009 was the first depiction of a same-sex kiss in the history of Marvel Comics publication. Since then, Rictor has been written as an out bisexual man, fully accepting of his same-sex relationship.

Created by writer Louise Simonson and artist Walt Simonson, Rictor first appeared in X-Factor #17 (June 1987). Rictor was introduced in the late 1980s under Louise Simonson's run on X-Factor vol. 1. X-Factor owed its early popularity to reuniting of the five original X-Men characters. As the series continued, it needed to distinguish itself from the earlier X-Men stories. New characters were introduced to the series, and Simonson's run introduced Mexican earth-manipulator Rictor as one of several young wards to the senior X-Men characters. These characters would be spun-off into their own title, Simonsons's X-Terminators, in 1988. Simonson would later transfer Rictor to the cast of The New Mutants, during her run on that series, when she made sweeping changes to the existing cast and folded several of the X-Terminators into the New Mutants team.

Later, under Rob Liefeld's run on The New Mutants, Rictor would abandon the team in the final scenes of The New Mutants #98 (1991). At this point in the character's history, he was popular enough to feature in Marvel Illustrated: The Swimsuit Issue vol.1 #1, also in 1991. In the next issue, Liefeld introduced one of several of his "edgier" addition to the series, namely Shatterstar, a swashbuckling warrior from another direction. With help from writer Fabian Nicieza, who provided the dialogue for Liefeld’s plots, Liefeld transformed he New Mutants into X-Force in The New Mutants (vol. 1) #100, the book's final issue. Liefeld and Nicieza launched X-Force (vol. 1) in August 1991. Later in X-Force, Liefeld brought Rictor back; he appeared in X-Force #10 and joined the team in X-Force #15. Introduced to Shatterstar for the first time, Liefeld's issues — a high-octane, gritty run typical of 1990s comic book trends — would establish the characters' friendship.

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