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Crimson Dynamo

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The Crimson Dynamo (Russian: Красное Динамо, ) is the name of several fictional character in the Marvel Comics Universe, most of whom have been supervillain. The various Crimson Dynamos have been powered armor-wearing Russia or Soviet agents who have clashed with the superhero Iron Man over the course of his heroic career. The original Crimson Dynamo first appeared in Tales of Suspense #46 (Oct. 1963).

The first Crimson Dynamo was also the creator of the armor: Professor Anton Vanko. A Soviet scientist of Armenia birth with a Ph.D in Physics, Vanko was the world's foremost expert on electricity. At the behest of the Soviet government, he built a powered exoskeleton capable of performing incredible feats; the Crimson Dynamo armor allowed Vanko to generate and control electricity in all of its forms, allowing him to fire devastating bolts of lightning and fly using electromagnetic propulsion.

As the Crimson Dynamo, Vanko was tasked by the Russian government with defeating Iron Man, his American counterpart, in battle. After losing to Iron Man, Vanko defected to the United States out of fear that his superiors would kill him for failing. Vanko began to work for Tony Stark as one of his chief scientists. Eventually, the two became friends, and Vanko developed pride and admiration for his new home. Unfortunately, soon the Soviets came for Vanko, just as he predicted. The KGB sent their top agent, the Black Widow, as well as Boris Turgenev, the latter of whom stole the armor and became the second Crimson Dynamo. Vanko died saving Iron Man by firing an unstable, experimental laser pistol at Boris, killing himself in the process.

Boris Turgenev, the second Crimson Dynamo, had a very short career as a supervillain. In his first and only appearance, Tales of Suspense #52 (April 1964), Turgenev came to the United States with the Black Widow to kill Anton Vanko, Tony Stark, and Iron Man (who the public thought was one of Stark's bodyguards). Turgenev almost carried out his mission, virtually defeating Iron Man with the stolen Crimson Dynamo suit. He was killed by Vanko, who, sacrificing his own life for the cause of freedom, fired an experimental and unstable laser pistol at Boris.

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