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Craig (Creep)

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Creep is a 2005 British horror film about a woman locked in overnight on the London Underground who finds herself being stalked by a hideously deformed killer living in the sewers below. The film, directed by Christopher Smith, was first shown at the 2005 Toronto International Film Festival and was also featured at the London FrightFest Film Festival.

The film has been compared to the 1972 film Death Line, also set on the London Underground and featuring a cannibalistic killer. The director himself, who had not seen that film, attributes his inspiration to a scene in An American Werewolf in London set in the London Underground.

The film opens with two sewer workers in London, Arthur (Ken Campbell) and George (Vas Blackwood), who discover a tunnel in one of the walls that neither of them is familiar with. Arthur enters and when he does not emerge or respond to George afterwards, George follows. He soon discovers Arthur, injured and in a state of shock. Moments later, a similarly injured young woman jumps out in front of them, crying for help, only to be pulled back into the darkness.

The focus then shifts to a young German woman, Kate (Franka Potente), at a party. After hearing of another party that George Clooney is supposedly attending, she decides to travel there. After unsuccessfully trying to get a taxi, she heads to Charing Cross tube station, but soon falls asleep on the platform while waiting for the train. When she awakens, she is alone and finds the entire station locked up for the night. Another train arrives and she boards it, but it stops abruptly. Confused, Kate makes her way to the conductor's compartment but is unsuccessful in finding a reason for it as unbeknownst to her, the driver has been killed. Kate soon encounters Guy (Jeremy Sheffield), an obsessive acquaintance from the previous party. Guy, intoxicated by cocaine, crudely attempts to seduce her, but Kate is not interested and tries to leave the train. Guy then begins to rape her, but is dragged off her and out of the train by an unseen attacker.

Craig (Creep)

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