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Mai Shiranui

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is a character in both the Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters series of fighting game by SNK (now SNK Playmore).

Mai Shiranui is the granddaughter of Hanzo Shiranui, master of ninjitsu and an art of empty-handed ninja combat called koppo-ken.

Prior to the creation of Mai (for Fatal Fury 2 in 1992), the Fatal Fury series would feature a male ninja using the fighting style that she would use. Later, the SNK staff changed their focus to including an idol character into the series, and they decided to replace him with Mai. According to a publication of Neo Geo Freak, her breasts were modeled after Fumie Hosokawa's and her butt is modeled after Ai Iijima's; both women were famous idols during the release of the Fatal Fury series. Mai's characteristic "bounce" effect was inspired by a kunoichi (female ninja) supposed method of being sensual to their unassuming target before they would strike. During the development from The King of Fighters '94 the designer for Mai asked if it was all right to increase Mai's pause actions, and because producers thought there was enough remaining memory for the game. Due to the pose's potency, however, Mai's motions were stilled in the KOF '94 international home version.

Mai's basic look changes only slightly through most of the Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters games. She has long brown hair (however, in some official arts she has red) with long bangs framing the sides of her face, tied up in a thick, long ponytail which flows behind her back. Her costume is usually a sleeveless, skimpy red outfit or tunic. The costume is held at her waist by a decorative waistband, often with long, trailing decorative tails, leading down to a loincloth with a thong underneath (or mini-shorts in the U.S. version). Her footwear for Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Fury Special and The King of Fighters games is a pair of soft-soled ninja tabi. From Fatal Fury 3 onwards into the Real Bout Fatal Fury games, she wears instep guards that leave her heels and the front parts of her feet exposed. In FF3, she also wore a red vest (which was abandoned later on) and heavier eyeshadow. Mai has been subject to much regional censoring and in the U.S. versions of Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Fury Special and The King of Fighters 2002 her famous breast bouncing animation was removed.

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