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Clubber Lang

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James "Clubber" Lang is a fictional character that appeared as Rocky Balboa's rival in the 1982 film Rocky III. He was played by the popular "bodyguard to the stars" Mr. T, who was 29 years old when the film was launched. The character is very loosely based on a combination of Sonny Liston, Larry Holmes, and George Foreman.

Many of the character's catchphrases from Rocky III have become common in popular culture, and particularly in Mr. T's career.

James Lang was orphaned at an early age, and spent most of his childhood in the streets of Chicago's Southside, as well as time in orphanages and juvenile facilities. Later as an adult, Clubber was sent to prison for five years, for one possible count of a felony and/or assault charge. But during his time being served he discovered boxing as a way to let out his frustrations and talent, which leads to the events of Rocky III. This is also evident in the game, Rocky Legends, where if the player selects Clubber's path, he starts out fighting in the Chicago State Penitentiary, in a ring actually inside the prison itself. One novelization of the film called Lang's manager "Donut."

When Lang enters the ring for the second Balboa fight in Rocky III, the Marines' Hymn is played, implying Lang may also have served in the U.S. Marine Corps. In one version of the script of Rocky Balboa, Clubber was one of the commentators of the Rocky vs. Mason fight. Lang is also implied to be left-handed, as he fights southpaw and throws mainly left-handed haymakers from the southpaw stance.

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