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Daemon (Reboot)

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This is a list of characters from the animated television series, ReBoot.

With the exception of a few characters, such as Bob, most ReBoot characters are named after technical computer terms or pieces of computer hardware.

Guardian 452 and defender of Mainframe from both internal and external threats. Bob is often criticised by other Guardians for his unorthodox views regarding viruses: unlike other Guardians, who believe that viruses should simply be deleted on sight, Bob theorizes that viruses can be reprogrammed to live as Sprites (he cites Hexadecimal as proof of his theories). Despite this criticism, Bob is still respected as one of the finest Guardians ever to come out of the academy. Compared to Dot, he usually does things "on the fly", and is an extremely casual and laid-back hero in the first two seasons. After living and partially degrading in the harsh Web (under the alias Interface), he became slightly more cautious, more sensitive, and less impulsive than he used to be. Despite their difference in personality, he and Dot developed romantic tension that finally resulted in them coupling at the end of Season 3.

He is equipped with a Guardian Keytool, Glitch, which can transform into any device with a voice command. When a Guardian is first introduced to a Keytool, they exchange code. In Season 3 and 4, Bob bonded with Glitch (referred to in My Two Bobs as 'Glitch-Bob') and gained energy-based Keytool powers as a result. As Glitch was broken at the time and because Bob's code was missing from Glitch (Megabyte stole the code from Glitch before crushing it at the end of Season 2), the merger did not quite work and continued use of his powers (including rebooting) was leading to total fragmentation. Eventually they were separated, with Glitch now upgraded in design and power and regained his original form.

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