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Doctor Light (Arthur Light)

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Arthur Light is a fiction comic book supervillain appearing in books published by DC Comics. He is the third individual to have adopted the persona of Doctor Light, after a Golden Age foe of Doctor Mid-Nite and Arthur's associate Jacob Finlay. Light, a long-time enemy of the Teen Titans and the Justice League, has been portrayed both as a serious menace and as a company in-joke for incompetent supervillains. His stint as Doctor Light is concurrent with that of a superheroine using the same name, Kimiyo Hoshi. In 2009, Doctor Light was ranked as IGN's 84th Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time.

The first Silver Age Doctor Light was a criminal physicist named Dr. Arthur Light, who first appeared in Justice League of America #12. A retcon introduced in Secret Origins #37 revealed that this character was actually the second Dr. Light. According to the retcon, his predecessor was his partner at S.T.A.R. Labs, a scientist named Jacob Finlay. Finlay created a technologically advanced suit to control light as a minor superhero, but was accidentally killed by Arthur Light near the beginning of his heroic career (though Finlay's death may have been caused by hiding his costume in a computer console, causing it to malfunction). Light took the suit and the "Doctor Light" codename, using them for selfish, criminal ends. He has been periodically haunted by Finlay's ghost through the years, but could use the light generated by the suit to drive off this spirit.

Through the Silver and Bronze Ages, Doctor Light was a minor but persistent foe for a number of heroes. He first fought the Justice League and, after he failed to defeat that group, fought their former sidekicks, the Teen Titans. He was also notably beaten by a solo Hal Jordan not long after his defeat by the JLA. He then founded the supervillain team the Fearsome Five, but they were also defeated by the Titans, and Light was violently expelled from the Five by his teammates. Each criminal caper led to Light's defeat (as villains always went down to defeat in the Silver and Bronze Age), but these defeats were used later as the basis of his humiliation that culminated in the events of the Identity Crisis storyline and its aftereffects.

Perhaps Dr. Light's most ignominious defeat was his defeat by Little Boy Blue and his Blue Boys - a group of non-superpowered children.

Doctor Light (Arthur Light)

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