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Jade (Jennie-Lynn Hayden)

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Jade (Jennifer-Lynn Hayden) is a fiction character, a superheroine in the . Known affectionately as "Jennie" or "Jen", she is the daughter of Alan Scott, the Golden Age Green Lantern. Her mother is Rose Canton, the Golden Age villain known as Thorn. Jennie-Lynn has a twin brother, Todd James Rice, who is the superhero Obsidian.

Along with Obsidian, Jade was a founding member of Infinity, Inc. She has worked with both the Justice League and Justice Society of America, as well as most recently being a member and eventual leader of the Outsiders. She was also a member of the resurrected Green Lantern Corps after being given a spare power ring. She has been romantically linked with Hank King (Brainwave) and with Green Lantern Kyle Rayner. She was the first female Green Lantern from Earth.

Jade's mother, Rose, was briefly married to Alan Scott, but fled upon conceiving their children, fearing she would harm them. She gave them up for adoption and they were separated. Jennie-Lynn was adopted by a couple in the Milwaukee suburbs. Jennie did not learn she had a twin brother until she was in her late teens. Shortly after she and Todd met, surmising they were the children of Alan Scott, they attempted to join the Justice Society. They were rejected, but joined with other children and protégés of JSA members to form Infinity, Inc.

Due to her father's exposure to magical energies, she and her brother were born with metahuman powers, although Jade's only manifested themselves when she was defending herself from being sexually assaulted as a child. Jade's powers greatly resemble her father's: she is able to generate green energy and shape it into constructs according to her will. Jade left her modeling career in California to pursue the field of photography in New York City. She became Kyle Rayner's roommate and the two eventually developed a romantic relationship. She once lost those powers when she fought the Starheart, the source of her powers. Following this, Kyle Rayner gave Jade a spare power ring and battery and became Earth's first female Green Lantern and a member of the Green Lantern Corps, both objects powered by the green of the emotional spectrum of willpower. Her powers were eventually restored by Rayner during his first, short tenure as the god-like Ion. Her ring eventually passed to John Stewart. She later discovered that she had her mother's plant manipulation powers, when she caused roses to attack a mugger. While on a date with Kyle on an alien world, she told him that her skin actually contains chlorophyll (the source of its green hue), and she can photosynthesize sunlight like a plant.

Jade (Jennie-Lynn Hayden)

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