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The Shi'ar Empire

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The Shi'ar ( "shee-AR") are a fictional species of alien in the Marvel Comics universe. The Shi'ar Empire (or Imperium) also called the Aerie, is a vast collection of alien species, cultures and worlds situated close to the Skrull and Kree Empires, and alongside them, is one of the three main alien empires (and now the most powerful one as well as being the youngest empire out of the three) of the Marvel Universe. Their first appearance was in X-Men vol. 1 #97 (February 1976). They were created by writer Chris Claremont and artist Dave Cockrum.

The Shi'ar are humanoid of avian descent; they resemble human with feather crests atop their head in lieu of hair. Two different styles are common; Most Shi'ar, particularly those of the aristocracy, have feathers sprouting in a triangular shape away from the face, one peak on the top of the head and one peak on each side slightly over the shoulder. The other commonly seen "hair"style is bushy on both sides and very flat on the top.

Internally, they have light hollow bones, and on their forearms there are still some vestigial feathers left of wings that were lost over millions of years of evolution. The average Shi'ar can lift 1 ton in earth-like gravity and has far greater stamina. Most Shi'ar have no other special abilities, though some are genetic throwbacks. These individuals possess wings which allow them to fly.

The Shi'ar conceive their offspring in eggs. They are nurtured in special chambers and the children are referred to as hatchling.

The Shi'ar Empire

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