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Silver Samurai

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The Silver Samurai (Kenuichio Harada) is a fictional character in Marvel Comics' universe, sometimes a superhero and sometimes a supervillain. His first appearance was in Daredevil #111 (July, 1974). In Japan his name is Harada Kenichirō (原田剣一郎) , since 'Kenuichio' is not an actual Japanese name (and is probably derived from a corruption of Kenichirō ).

Silver Samurai, the illegitimate son of Shingen Yashida, is a Japan mutant with the power to charge almost anything , most notably his katana, with mutant energy (described as a tachyon field) which enables it to slice through any known substance excluding adamantium. He also sports a suit based on traditional samurai armor. It is made of a silver metal, hence his name.

He became a professional criminal, and first appeared to clash with Daredevil when he was hired by Mandrill and Black Spectre.

Harada was once the bodyguard for the international terrorist known as the Viper and was subsequently an occasional mercenary. When working for Viper, he fought Spider-Man and Black Widow. After recovering the Viper's teleport ring, he fought Spider-Man again on Saturday Night Live and encountered the original Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time-Players. He joined Viper and Boomerang in fighting Spider-Man, Nick Fury, Shang-Chi, and Black Widow on the original S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier. He and Viper attempted to kidnap Michael Kramer, and fought the original Spider-Woman.

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