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The Cyborg

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Hank Henshaw is a fiction supervillain featured in the DC Comics universe; while originally featured primarily as an enemy of Superman, recent years have repositioned him as one of the main enemies of the Green Lantern Corps. While the character debuted in Adventures of Superman #465 (April 1990), he was reintroduced as the Cyborg Superman during the Reign of the Supermen storyline following Superman's death. At times, he is also referred to as The Cyborg (not to be confused with Teen Titans member Victor Stone, aka Cyborg).

Hank Henshaw first appeared as a crew member on board the doomed NASA Space Shuttle Excalibur in Superman #42, and Henshaw and the other crew members were next seen in Adventures of Superman #465.

In a pastiche of the origin of the Fantastic Four, Hank and the other three members of the Excalibur crew, including his wife, Terri, are part of a LexCorp-built radiation experiment that is affected by a solar flare, causing their shuttle to crash.

Though Hank Henshaw's physical body has expired, he is able to transfer his consciousness into the LexCorp mainframe. Now able to control technology, Henshaw appears to his wife in a robotic body; the shock of this bizarre rebirth is too much for Terri and eventually leads to her insanity and death by jumping through the nearest window. By this point, Henshaw's electronic consciousness has begun to disrupt Earth's communications networks. Using NASA communications equipment, Henshaw beams his mind into the 'birthing matrix' which had carried Superman from Krypton to Earth as an infant.

The Cyborg The Cyborg The Cyborg The Cyborg The Cyborg The Cyborg The Cyborg The Cyborg

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