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Killer Frost

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Killer Frost is the name of two fictional characters in the DC Comics universe. They are both supervillain that appear mainly as foes of the superhero Firestorm.

Crystal Frost first appeared in Firestorm #3 (June 1978). While Crystal Frost was studying to be a scientist in Hudson University, she fell in love with her teacher, Martin Stein. While working on a project in the Arctic, Frost was upset to learn that Stein didn't reciprocate her feelings. Frost accidentally locked herself in a thermafrost chamber, but somehow survived. She was transformed in a way that she was able to absorb heat from a living being and project cold and ice. Calling herself Killer Frost, she began her murderous crusade against men and clashed with Firestorm on many occasions. Frost eventually died after she absorbed too much energy from Firestorm.

Crystal has been identified as one of the deceased entombed below the Hall of Justice. Her body is later revived as a Black Lantern.

Dr. Louise Lincoln first appeared in Firestorm (vol. 2) # 21 (March 1984). The comic book reference series, Who's Who: The Definitive Guide to the DC Universe (Volume 1) #12 erroneously lists Louise Lincoln's first appearance as taking place in Firestorm Volume 2 #20. In fact, Louise Lincoln did not appear until issue #21 of the series. She did not begin using the name "Killer Frost" until issue #34. She was a colleague and friend to Crystal Frost. After her friend died, she decided to repeat the experiment as a last respect to her former mentor, and became the new Killer Frost. She became just as ruthless as her predecessor and began her own personal vendetta against Firestorm, whom she blamed for Frost's death. She briefly served as a member of the Suicide Squad and sold her soul to Neron for more power.

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