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Brotherhood of Evil

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:For the team of mutant terrorists, see Brotherhood of Mutants

The Brotherhood of Evil is a group of DC Comics supervillains, archenemies of the original Doom Patrol and the Teen Titans.

The Brotherhood of Evil was founded by the engimatic villain the Brain. In the beginning, the group's motivation was world domination. It has recently been revealed that Brain's true purpose for the Brotherhood was to destroy Chief Caulder and his "colleagues". Caulder murdered Brain so he could turn the scientist into Robotman without his consent, but his plans were foiled by the Brain's creation, the super-intelligent Monsieur Mallah. Brain swore revenge against Caulder and his "pets", the Doom Patrol, who like Brain were victims of Caulder's attempts to create an army of super-heroes through the ruining of innocent lives.

The original line-up consisted of the Brain, his chief henchman Monsieur Mallah, and their first recruit, the shapeshifter Madame Rouge. They fought the Doom Patrol on a regular basis and were later briefly joined by fellow Doom Patrol villains General Immortus and the alien Garguax. The group also was aided by the clumsy henchman Mr. Morden, who often operated robotic devices for the Brain.

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