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Callisto (Xena)

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Callisto is a fictional character in the fantasy TV series Xena: Warrior Princess. She features as the most frequently recurring villain on that show. She also makes appearances on three episodes of the parent show Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. She is portrayed by the American actress Hudson Leick.

Callisto is Xena's nemesis and arch enemy, motivated by a desire for revenge for the suffering Xena has caused in her own dark past. When Callisto was a child, Xena's army burned Callisto's village Cirra. She lost her family when Xena's army wiped out Cirra.

Callisto, a child at the time, was left trauma by the attack and eventually went insane and became obsessed with getting revenge on Xena. She displays signs of bipolar disorder and psychopath, manifested in a bizarre brand of sadistic, gleeful, shrieking cruelty towards Xena and her associates.

Callisto intends to make Xena suffer as much as possible rather than killing her, and repeatedly lets chances to kill Xena pass by. This is reflected in Xena's own feelings of guilt that cause her to spare her enemy's life as well.

Callisto (Xena) Callisto (Xena) Callisto (Xena) Callisto (Xena) Callisto (Xena)

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