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Tony "Scarface" Montana

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Antonio "Tony" Montana (born August 31, 1942)

is the main character from the 1983 film Scarface. He is portrayed by Al Pacino in the movie and is voiced by André Sogliuzzo in the 2006 video game Scarface: The World Is Yours. Tony Montana has become a cultural icon and is one of the most famous movie characters of all time, symbolizing the rise from the bottom to the top. In 2008, Montana was named the 27th greatest movie character by Empire Magazine. He is also based on the main character of the 1932 movie of the same name. That character was based on Al Capone.

Antonio "Tony" Montana was born in Havana, Cuba on August 31, 1942. Not much is known about Tony's past, other than the fact he served as a soldier in the Cuban Army and was prisoner in the 1970s for a series of unnamed criminal charges. In May 1980, Cuban President Fidel Castro relaxed the stringent laws governing Mariel Harbor in Cuba, allowing thousands of Cubans, many of them former convicts, to immigrate to Miami, Florida. Tony was one of the 125,000 Cubans who traveled to Miami, and upon arrival he was questioned by U.S. officials; he lied about his life, telling them that his entire family is dead and that he was a "political prisoner". However, because of a tattoo on his left hand which indicates that he was once an assassin, he was not granted a green card.

Tony and his friend Manolo "Manny" Ribera were then shipped to "Freedomtown", a refugee camp that held Cuban immigrants without green cards. After one month in the camp, Manny made contact with Frank Lopez, a Miami drug lord, who hired him and Tony to murder Emilio Rebenga, a former politician who worked for Fidel Castro and tortured Lopez' brother to death. Soon after Rebenga arrived at the camp, Manny and his accomplices caused a riot, where Tony stabbed Rebenga in the confusion.

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