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Cthulhu is a fictional cosmic entity created by horror author H. P. Lovecraft in 1926. The first appearance of the entity was in the short story "The Call of Cthulhu" published in Weird Tales in 1928.

Cthulhu is one of the central Great Old One of the Lovecraft Mythos. It is often cited for the extreme descriptions given of its hideous appearance, its gargantuan size, and the abject terror that it evokes. Cthulhu is often referred to in science fiction and fantasy circles as a tongue-in-cheek shorthand for extreme horror or evil.

After its first appearance in "The Call of Cthulhu", Cthulhu makes a few minor appearances in other Lovecraft stories. August Derleth, a correspondent of Lovecraft's, used the creature's name to identify the system of lore employed by Lovecraft and his literary successors, the Cthulhu Mythos.

Cthulhu has also been spelled as Tulu, Clulu, Clooloo, Cthulu, C'thulhu, Cighulu, Cathulu, Kathulu, Kutulu, Kthulhu, Q’thulu, K'tulu, Kthulhut, Kulhu, Kutunluu, Ktulu, Cuitiliú, Thu Thu, and in many other ways. It is often preceded by the epithet Great, Dead, or Dread.

Cthulhu Cthulhu Cthulhu Cthulhu

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Result Opponent A Score   B Score
Loss Shuma-Gorath 53 to 70
Win Auron 54 to 46
Win Lavos 87 to 17
Loss Godzilla 38 to 63
Win Batman 66 to 43
Win Alexandra Roivas 57 to 39
Win Zeratul 69 to 43
Win Lavos 66 to 30
Win Davy Jones 76 to 44
Loss Doctor Strange 32 to 59
Win Sportacus 10 84 to 16
Win God of War Kratos 65 to 39
Win Chaos (Sonic the Hedgehog) 67 to 49
Loss John McClane 66 to 72
Win Laharl 65 to 29
Win Justice League 60 to 46
Win Space Godzilla 55 to 49
Loss Galactus 33 to 72
Win UNSC (Halo) 53 to 28
Loss The Question 39 to 59
Win Hellboy 78 to 44
Win Bolos (supertanks) 18 to 6
Win Leviathan 15 to 14
Loss Godzilla 17 to 19
Loss Sherlock Holmes 8 to 12
Loss Zeus 8 to 12
Loss Doctor Strangefate 8 to 21
Loss Thor (Marvel) 10 to 19
Win Alucard 18 to 5
Loss Doctor Manhattan 12 to 15
Win Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo 12 to 8
Win The Scoobies 22 to 4
Loss Doctor Zoidberg 11 to 12
Loss Neliel Tu Oderschvank 10 to 13
Win KISS 16 to 4
Win Sauron 8 to 3
Loss The Spectre 6 to 20
Win Sesame Street 6 to 5